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Time for a new studio start (and what you can learn from it!)

So… There’s a tiny, rational, calm and collected part of me that’s literally freaking out in my head right now. You see, I’m usually the most productive when I’ve taken on an unreasonable amount of projects. You might… See More
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How to Get a Great Sounding Rough Mix In 7 Simple Steps

Getting a rough mix going is half the battle. Once you’ve got all your tracks balanced together with levels, EQ, compression and space you’re already 80% there. Remember the 80/20 rule. 20% of the effort creates 80% of the results. So… See More
Feb 27
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Using Overdubs, Mutes, Percussion And Multing to Create Interest in Your Arrangements

Hey everyone, This week I’m going through all of the overdubs for Dispute. So far we’ve got drums, bass, both electric and acoustic guitars as well as some percussion and keyboards. And a hefty amount of vocal tracks as well because… See More
Feb 26
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One Minute EQ Trick – Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When Fold ‘Em

In this One Minute EQ Trick the actual trick is making sure you don’t go overboard with your EQ’ing. Don’t just EQ because you think you should be EQ’ing. Have a reason for it. If the track was recorded really well sometimes… See More
Feb 25
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“I can’t listen to these mixes because of all your weird effects…”

Let me tell you a quick story. This just happened to me an hour ago. I’ve been mixing this accordion polka record (random I know) and I just delivered the first mixes of half the album today. Turns out, my ear for guitar, bass and drums is… See More
Feb 24
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One Minute EQ Trick – Using Low-Pass Filters With a Resonant Slope for a More Focused Guitar Sound

In this One Minute EQ Trick I show you how to use a low-pass filter with a high Q value to filter out your unnecessary high-end while still making your guitars cut through the mix. This is great if you have a distorted or overdriven sound. There… See More
Feb 20
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Watch us produce songs from scratch tracks to final master

I’m trying out a completely new and cool thing this year that you will be interested in. I’m letting everyone into the studio as my band The Long and I Wait release each song. We’re planning on releasing a new single every 6-8… See More
Feb 18
Linsabella Ariella posted a video

I'm Done Waiting (With Lyrics)

My song I'm Done Waiting with lyrics :) Hope you guys enjoy :)
Feb 15
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One Minute EQ Trick: Giving Your Guitars Separation and Space in the Mix

This is this week’s final One Minute EQ Trick video, this time a little trick about giving your guitars separation in the mix. If you have a dense guitar mix where you have multiple tracks of electric guitars, acoustic guitars and lead work… See More
Feb 13
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One Minute EQ Trick – The Importance of Filters for Clearing Up Your Low-End

In this One Minute EQ Trick video I show you one of the most basic, but also most important, EQ techniques available to you. Using a high-pass filter to clear up your low-end. This is important for making the bass have its own space in a mix if you… See More
Feb 12
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One Minute EQ Trick: The Best Way To EQ Out Offending Frequencies

In today’s One Minute EQ Trick I show you the simplest way to get rid of offending frequencies. Whether it’s weird resonances from a snare, a nasal sound from a vocal or a boomy tone from a bass this technique is the only one you need to… See More
Feb 11
Breck Stewart posted videos
Feb 4

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Flo-Rida & Drake - Keep It Real Volume 6

Posted by Evolution MS on October 21, 2014 at 9:47am 0 Comments

Flo-Rida & Drake - Keep It Real Volume 6:

6th edition of mixtape serie 'Keep It Real'... This time with Flo-Rida and Drake on frontcover. 

Once again tracklist contains 25 tracks, including selection of dopest new rap singles + also exclusive remixes produced by myself aka Evolution MS...


Wiz Khalifa - John Cena - Flo-Rida - Sage The Gemini - Game - Yo Gotti - Soulja Boy - 2 Chainz - Juicy J -

Nicki Minaj - Young Thug - Lil Bibby - Boaz - Crooked I - Fashawn - Murs - P Reign - Drake - Future - Royce Da 59 - DJ Premier - Short Dawg - AB Soul -     Mac Miller - Busta Rhymes - Eminem - Triniad James- …

Continue performances!

Posted by billy jones bluez on September 25, 2014 at 3:32am 0 Comments

.. Billy%20Jones%20Bluez

"...he has a voice that will enchant you. ...his songs are dripping with sexuality. times dark. ...mysterious. ...downright funky, and always compelling. ...Billy Jones is certainly his own man. ...with a show-stopping style that will stir your heart, your intellect and your soul."

Mz. SouthernSoul Blues Critic

Everything's Out In The Open -

She Thinks That I Still Care -

Outlaw's Reward -

Marry My Mother-in-law! -

Funkin' For Fun -…


Partecipating In The Biggest Music Contest Online

Posted by Vadiamo on September 22, 2014 at 2:39pm 0 Comments


 How the Global Rockstar 2014 competition works

A multi-stage process will be used to select the Global Rockstar 2014. The national preliminaries begin on 1 September and last until 4 November 2014 – after which the winner from each country will have been decided. The national winners will be announced as part of a live show on 4 November at the ORF Radiokulturhaus in Vienna, which will be shown worldwide via a webcast. From 6 November to 1 December 2014, fans across the globe can vote for the national winners in order to select the 64 most popular acts. Then, between 2 and 14 December, the Top 16 will be elected from this list. From 15 December, fans can vote for their Global Rockstar from the 16 artists on the shortlist. The winner will be announced on 20 December. Throughout the competition, updates and background info will be provided by the Global Rockstar Webshow, a 20-part video series to be shot in Vienna and featuring big-name musicians.

Overview of key dates:

1 September: National preliminaries open

4 November: National winners announced (live show with simultaneous webcast)

6 November: Global stage begins

1 December: Worldwide top 64 announced

14 December: Worldwide top 16 announced

20 December: The Global Rockstar 2014 is…


King Of Kings Vol.2 The Mixtape Gods

Posted by Strong-Arm Music on September 11, 2014 at 7:56pm 0 Comments

MTMS Promotions Presents King of Kings Vol.2 The Mixtape Gods Ft. New MTMS Artists Most Valuable Mac, Swift Dizzle, Matt Steez, Ace Casino Hosted by @DJMalonePro & @PromoGodMother For Mixtape Slots visit

I Run My City Volume 2 Hosted By DJ Kuwsh

Posted by Talk of the Streets on September 8, 2014 at 7:36pm 0 Comments

1.Hot N*gga (Freestyle) – W.O.P. (@WOPCulture)

2.VAs Lyrical Assassins – G-Ruck (@757Ruck)

3.Still Got That Love – Syndrome Ft Fudgalino D Kapone, Adonis and Sabotawj (@SyndromeDevious)

4.So Sick (0 to 100 FRSTYL) – Bigg Enforcer (@enFORCINTHANGZ)

5.The Void – Phenom Shyt (@blazingflameent)

6.Ghetto Cowboys – DaForce Feat. Crysto Klear Lord J Dog (@unksmusic)

7.Ben Franklin – Eskimo Jones Ft SupaDupa Sultan

8.Respect The Shooter – Rogizz Feat. Tree (@rogizz ft @mctreeg)

9.D.I.A.L. (FRSTYL) – EBEN a.k.a. E.B.E. (@EbenAKAebe)

10.Like You Want It – Swiffa Baby (@YoungSwift)

11.Famous – Eskimo Jones Ft Kal Kannon Nascarr Nat

12.Imma Keep It Real – Young Mobsta Ft Bossalini Bronson

13.How I Feel – Lei Row (@LeiRow)

14.123-ABC – Vell Da General (@VellDaGeneral)

15.Whats Next – Big-T (@202kid)

16.I Gotta Fine Me A Gurl – Japan Dat Floridaboy Ft Joe (@bokeyfinest)

17.Too Much – Reign

18.0 to 100 (Freestyle) – WOP and NotAGameBaby (@WOPCulture x @NotAGameBaby)…


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